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Benefits of performance testing

By Lisa Williams @wlisa9871
    2021-03-10 08:55:08.695Z

    Let us look at the following comparison. There is software, Software A, which solves 60% of a problem. You used the software and could solve 60% of your issue in a few minutes without any struggle. Then, there is another software, Software B. Now, Software B has the capability of solving 100% of your problem, but when you started using it, your system lagged, and you had to intervene to restart the software multiple times. After a couple of hours, you could solve your problem, but you find yourself in an exhausted position. Now, if given a choice to select one between the two, which software would you choose?

    There is no question why most people would go for Software A. The software might not solve all your problems, but whatever it does, it does well. This is what defines the performance of the software. Even if the software is not 100% functional, it gains marks for speed and smoothness. Nobody likes to use software and end up frustrated. This is why software developers should ensure the performance of software along with its functionalities.

    Now, several methods can help software release with good performance. First of all, several development methodologies automatically take care of the software's performance during the development phase itself. However, such methodologies might require high skills on the part of the developer. Also, the use of such methodologies might increase the developmental cost. So, most software development agencies go for a cost-effective and efficient way to ensure performance. It is known as performance testing.

    Most software development agencies maintain dedicated teams for performance testing in software testing today. The teams indulge in continuous testing of the software, during and after development, in close collaboration with the development team. If they detect any lapse in performance, they immediately inform the development team. Lately, software development agencies have been giving a lot of attention to the quality of the team that tests performance. In fact, software tested with a robust testing mechanism has turned out better than those that were not.

    It is just a matter of time before performance testing is considered a mandatory form of testing before any software release. Many high-profile customers make it a point to mention in the contract that they will accept the software only if it comes with a certificate of high performance.

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