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GeneralS02021-03-10 08:40:43.693Z
What are various banking solutions provided by Temenos services?
Today, there is no space for traditional banks and their outdated systems. Banks with obsolete technology are easily prone to various hacks, thefts, and stealing of sensitive information. They fail to match the ever-changing universal standards of ba...
GeneralW02021-04-06 03:17:51.642Z
Why is accurate data important?
We are living in the era of digital transformation. It will be difficult for you to find a business organization in any industry, which operates without digital infrastructure. Businesses realized the potential of digital transformation with digital ...
GeneralW02021-03-11 06:15:10.176Z
How did core banking services deal with 2020
2020 has been a year that has witnessed a shift from office-based work culture to home-based work culture across the globe. Due to the pandemic caused by coronavirus, governments were forced to impose a lockdown on public activities. Business organiz...
GeneralW02021-03-11 06:13:15.383Z
The scope of improvement in banking digital transformation
Banking organizations started investing in the digital transformation of their operations at the beginning of the last decade. Large amounts of investments and resourceful efforts have gone into the process. However, there is no denying the fact that...
GeneralW02021-03-10 08:58:33.688Z
Benefits of performance testing
Let us look at the following comparison. There is software, Software A, which solves 60% of a problem. You used the software and could solve 60% of your issue in a few minutes without any struggle. Then, there is another software, Software B. Now, So...
GeneralW02021-03-10 08:55:08.695Z
Microservices for mobile application development
The ongoing practice of digital transformation of banking has been benefitting the banking organizations a lot. Today, banks can provide their customers a centralized platform for availing different banking services without the restrictions of time, ...
GeneralW02021-03-10 08:44:52.131Z
Sample question
This is an sample question. Click "Solution" below to accept an answer. In the topic list, everyone sees that this is a question, and if it's new (the icon), or if it's been answered ( the icon). In the topic list: To see all unanswered questions, cl...
QuestionsS32021-03-10 08:40:44.214Z
Sample idea
This is a sample idea. Click the idea icon to the left of the title (i.e. ) to change status from New Idea, to Planned, to Started, to Done. In the topic list, everyone sees the status of the idea at a glance — the status icon is shown to the left (e...
IdeasS52021-03-10 08:40:44.163Z
Sample discussion
This is an open ended discussion. Good comments rise to the top, and people can click Disagree to show that they disagree about something.
GeneralS32021-03-10 08:40:44.075Z
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